The Grampians Explorer Expedition - 18-21 December 2018

The Grampians Explorer Expedition - 18-21 December 2018



Can you remember being between 8-12 years old?  These years are the foundations of our independence and character.  It is a time in our lives where we develop fortitude, resilience, empathy and appreciation for things that we will hold with us into adulthood.  

Explorer Club is all about allowing the kids to explore nature, discover a little bit more about who they are and we hope develop a greater appreciation for this wonderful country and our planet.  A huge by product is that time in nature is scientifically proven to help kids overcome anxiety and will assist their learning by helping their brain development...could it get any better?  

Activities & Location

Our activity and location will be dependent on weather.  It is impossible to predict in advance of our experience, however each day will consist of the following:

  • A day in a natural surrounding

  • Bush walking unless a water based event

  • Age appropriate activities and games

  • A chance to learn or master an outdoor skill

  • A location within 1 hour of Melbourne


  • 9-5pm

  • Activities are weather and location dependent

  • We provide kids with a sense of freedom and liberation, whilst guiding and supervising every step.

  • Age appropriate activities

  • Fresh fruit, water and snacks provided. Please pack a lunch or extra snacks.

What if it rains?

Walking through the city when it rains can be a bleak and cold experience...but this has less to do with rain and much more to do with our conditioning.  When we move from a warm to cold environment, we are asking our bodies to make major adjustments and in the process of catching up, we are left feeling cold.  Living outside, with the appropriate clothing and shelter, allows our bodies to regulate more efficiently.  Just like the engine of a car on a highway, our bodies are able to find a rhythm and in doing so they use energy more wisely, concentrate effort on warming our core which makes us feel less cold.  Nature also has a habit of enveloping us when it rains, the trees shelter us, gully's provide protection and we learn to look for natural shelter.  After all, considering our evolution, we are far more at home in nature than we are in four walls.     

Booking Instructions

  • Add the experience to your cart, if you are booking for multiple children type the word sibling for a 10% discount.

  • You only need to complete the registration form once.

  • Please refer to our terms and conditions.

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