The Ultimate Circuit Breaker

Our work with teams uses nature and adventure as a springboard for enhancing leadership performance so that your team can bounce and thrive in any circumstance.  

Nature has a profound affect on our minds and has proven to assist with aspects of attention, focus and brain development.  Time in nature also improves our physical condition by activating our blood flow and renewing our oxygen.  Working collectively in an outdoor environment offers a chance to re-set the playing field and re-discover elements of our character that we didn’t fully appreciate or understand.  Key outputs of our work include rapid decision making skills, resilience, creative problem solving and team dynamics

Oxygen + Movement + Nature 

Absolutely wonderful morning. You delivered such a special event for us.
— Danielle Clarke, Telstra
It is the best thing we have ever done. I am a big believer in the program.
— Matthew Trewin, Telstra
The team got a lot out of it!
— Swisse
They’ve connected as a team, understood their roles better and importantly had fun along the way
— Politix

Partnering with the best

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Real people, real work