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We help organisations get the best out of their people through incredible team development experiences.  Our combined experience developing and leading high performing teams across a range of industries offers direct benefit to our clients.

> Strategy & growth planning

> Leadership & team development

> Culture

> Health & wellbeing

> Social responsibility

What do we do?

We believe that optimal human performance/ ‘flow’ is generated through a combination of oxygen + movement + nature. Our ability to deliver exceptional outdoor team experiences across Australia from the Alpine mountains to the oceans to the desert, ensures that the ‘what’ changes every single time but has included single and multi-day immersion events, woodland retreats and a range of land and water based sports.

Oxygen + Movement + Nature = Flow

The term ‘flow’ and its link to the human mental state was first identified by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1975. The concept has since been applied widely to fields including sport, music, learning, gaming and intuitive technologies. Our work draws upon an ever increasing ocean of knowledge in the fields of human performance, effectiveness and social responsibility.

There was incredible energy...and the team feedback has been wonderful.
— Head of People, National Retail Organisation
It is the best thing we have ever done.
— General Manager, Telecommunications
We have received enormous value, clarity and motivation into 2019 and beyond.
— Managing Director, National Services Organisation
The team are still buzzing.
— CEO, Professional Services
They’ve connected as a team, understood their roles better and importantly had fun along the way
— Health & Wellbeing Leader - Retail
Absolutely wonderful morning. You delivered such a special event for us.
— Exec Leader, Telecommunications
The team got a lot out of it!
— HR Leader, Global Wellbeing Brand

Real people, real work

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