Lessons from a young athlete

Earlier this year, Branch Out had the opportunity to sponsor one of Australia’s brightest athletes, Ada Lacey.  We jumped at the chance to support her mission to reach the 2022 Winter Olympics in her chosen sport of Luge.

As we chatted over a sandwich, I wondered whether every 16 year old would have the perspectives and wisdom that she seems to naturally possess.  However, Ada is not your average 16 year old, she is an athlete who has won a whopping 10 national age championships across Theatre on Ice, Weightlifting and Synchronised Skating which she has also represented Australia internationally.  In 2016, she also ventured into the Luge event and has since represented Australia in Japan. By now you will notice a theme of ice related sports - quite unusual for an Australian, let alone a Queenslander, but like many athletes before her she was inspired by watching the Winter Olympics on TV.

Ada’s journey has not always been that straightforward, as with many of those who succeed in life, Ada has had to overcome personal hurdles inside and out of school and also navigate the unforgiving training program necessary to compete at her standard.  Achieving the extraordinary can have its toll on day to day normal life and Ada has had to make significant sacrifices to pursue her goals. It is here that we find the keystone of her character, and as her Australian Sports Foundation profile articulates, “she embodies the saying ‘the only limits are those we create for ourselves’.”  When I asked Ada to talk to give me a few ideas about how her and the team work together, she offered these gems of wisdom that are applicable to every one of us:

  1. Turn up - be there and be present

  2. Bring out the best in others

  3. Work hard for the person next to you

  4. Focus on being as good as you can be for your team

  5. Blame is wasted energy - everyone makes mistakes

The journey to the Olympics is costly and our athletes need as much support as possible to help with travel costs, training and equipment.  Please donate and show your support to Ada by clicking on Ada's Australian Sports Foundation Page.

Power to Ada!


Mark McOnie